Bandsaw machine manufacturer

Vertical saw Head :
Vertical saw Head is supported rigid pedestal bearings. Blade is guides by two hardened guide Roller & tungsten carbide wear parts. Blade tensioning & releasing is done by manually.

Saw Feed :
"Up & Down" motion of head is controlled by one hydraulic cylinder. Feed for various materials is regulated by pressure relief valve.

Clamping :
Clamping of job is done by Hydraulic vice. The jaw of the vice is perpendicular to the blade. The moving jaw of the vice clamps the job with sufficient hydraulic pressure. For tube cutting variable vice pressure system will be available as optional accessories.

Accuracy :
Taper 0.1 mm for 100 mm. Length ± 0.2 mm

Band wheels :
Drive and driven band wheels with optimum centre distance gives smooth blade twisting force which results in excellent performance of blade.

Standard Equipments :
Complete electrical equipment with panel board, limit switch & electric motors
Complete hydraulic system with Yuken make DC valve.
Coolant System with pump and piping.
Power driven chip brush for easy chip removal from blade.
One M42 grade bimetal blade.
Operation tools & spanners.
Optional Equipments :
Chip Brushes
Roller table 1500 mm
Bimetal Band saw blade
Variable vice pressure
Nesting fixture assembly for bundle cutting up to ø 35 mm polish bars.Bandsaw Machine

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